Ministries and Outreach

There are many great ministries, programs, and opportunities happening at our parishes. These opportunities are given to us to share our God given gifts in praise and worship of God's goodness and in thankfulness for our many blessings. All that we have, our time, talents, and treasures are gifts from Almighty God, Creator of all things. We are created to know and love God and others. Through sharing our gifts, we offer witness to the love of Jesus Christ in the world.

Ministries & Outreach

"The Christian faithful are those who, inasmuch as they have been incorporated in Christ through Baptism, have been constituted as the people of God; for this reason, since they have become sharers in Christ's priestly, prophetic, and royal office in their own manner, they are called to exercise the mission which God has entrusted to the Church to fulfill in the world, in accord with the condition proper to each one."
Catechism of the Catholic Church

We offer a wide variety of outreach ministries that touch countless lives near and far while allowing our members and friends of our church to live out their baptism and use their spiritual gifts and talents to impact in wonderful ways the lives of others.

Prayer & Worship 

The Prayer & Worship Ministry fosters active participation of the faithful in worship, especially in the Mass, the sacraments, other services, and devotions.


Catholic Education

Catholic education is a lifelong process of human growth and development. It is more than schooling. It begins in the home, continues in the school, and matures through involvement with the Christian community in the parish.


Hispanic Ministires

Evangelization is the calling of the Church to “Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations;” (Matthew 28:19). This calling is not just the responsibility of priests and the church at large, but is the responsibility of each individual Catholic, all of us, the baptized, into a missionary lay apostolate or vocation.


Human Concerns

The Human Concerns Ministry works to recognize and respond to the human needs of our Parish community, neighboring parishes, the Sheboygan interfaith community, and the world, serving the needs of all children, families, individuals, and elderly.