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Ephesians 2:10 says we are God’s masterpieces, created in Christ to do good works. When we volunteer for our parish, we are doing God’s work and fulfilling His plan for our lives. Imagine this: God created you, His masterpiece, to do awesome stuff. Through Christ, you can and do make a difference. When you serve, you are helping to change lives. This is true regardless of where you serve.

Prayer & Worship 

The Prayer & Worship Ministry fosters active participation of the faithful in worship, especially in the Mass, the sacraments, other services, and devotions.


Ministry of Music

The goal and purpose of Music Ministry is to enhance the experience of worship by heightening the Word of God with music and to provide beauty to the liturgy through music.


Ministry of Music


Parish Life

The Parish Life Committee’s purpose is to generate parish fellowship through social activities and events. The goal of this ministry is to create events for all ages so parish members feel connected to each other. Volunteers should be outgoing and enjoy planning fun activities.


Administrative Services

The Administrative Services of the parishes seek to honor God by having a clear understanding of how the church functions administratively. This primarily involves the church’s assets; personnel, finances, and facilities.


Human Concerns

The Human Concerns Ministry works to recognize and respond to the human needs of our Parish community, neighboring parishes, the Sheboygan interfaith community, and the world, serving the needs of all children, families, individuals, and elderly.


Find Your Talent

Ephesians 4:7 “But grace was given to each one of us according to the measure of Christ’s gift.” God wants to use you! He has chosen you for the purpose of doing great things for Him. God wants you to listen to His calling and to use the gifts He has given you.

If you don't know your gifts, the test below may be a good starting point. It is designed to give you a snapshot of your spiritual gifts as articulated in Ephesians 4 (Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, Pastor). Read through the statements and decide as honestly as you can whether they apply to you often, sometimes or rarely and check the appropriate box. Do not linger on each item as your first thought is likely to represent the most accurate response.

Question 1 / 80

I am good at listening and taking in what people say.


We have been truly blessed by the spirit of generosity in our parishes. The dedication and joy our members have helping others inspires us on a daily basis. We believe that generosity means sacrificing for the sake of God and others. Not only is generosity measured in terms of monetary donations, but also our members’ willingness to donate their time and talent. We find that when we give to others so that they may flourish, our hearts bloom as well. There are two ways to donate to our parishes, a one time donation, or monthly giving.

Holy Name of Jesus Donations

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One Time Donation

St. Clement Donations

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Join a Group

Joining a religious group provides a way for Christians to live out their faith outside of hearing the word. If Sunday morning is for listening, then the rest of the week is for living. Whether it’s discussing the Sunday homily, talking about a spiritual battle, or simply praying for one another, small groups create a context for Christians to live out their faith in real life.

Read about some of the opportunities to get involved with various groups.