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Pope Francis 
Pope Francis comments on discernment and discipleship.

The Most Reverend Jerome E. Listecki outlines four reasons why to attend these parish reflection sessions.  A link to synod videos is also shared in this document.
 Archbishop Listecki announces Synod
to take place June 7-8, 2014
Pastoral Letter Cover
Archbishop Listecki’s Pastoral Letter, “Who Do You Say That I Am?” which is a theological reflection on ecclesiology, will be the foundation from which the people of the Milwaukee Archdiocese will pray, discern and discuss in preparation for the Synod. Over the next 12 months, Archbishop Listecki has called for a Church-wide effort to discuss and reflect on the vision of our Southeastern Wisconsin parishes for the next 10 years.  Click here to read the full bulletin on the process of the Synod.

El Arzobispo Listecki anuncia que el Sínodo será el 7 y 8 de junio de 2014
La Carta Pastoral, ¿Quién dicen ustedes que soy yo? la cual es una reflexión sobre la Iglesia o la “eclesiología” escrita por el Arzobispo Listecki será la base para que los fieles de la Arquidiócesis de Milwaukee oren, disciernan y dialoguen en preparación para el Sínodo. El Arzobispo Listecki ha llamado a toda la Iglesia a que participen en un proceso de diálogo y reflexión durante los próximos doce meses para crear una visión que guíe a nuestras parroquias en el sureste de Wisconsin durante los próximos diez años.  Haga clic aquí para leer el boletín completo sobre el proceso del Sínodo.

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Religious Education

Holy Name and St. Clement parishes offers a combined comprehensive religious education program from pre-kindergarten to confirmation in grade eleven and beyond. Our grades 6-12 youth ministry program provides the opportunity for students to stay active in a variety of faith building, service-oriented, and social activities throughout their middle school and high school years.

In addition, adult education events and RCIA preparation are an integral part of the Christian formation offered at our parishes.

To find out more about religious education opportunities at our parishes, please contact the Religious Education Office at

(920) 458-5390.

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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School


St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School (SEAS) is a pre-kindergarten through 8th grade school which has the opportunity and obligation to be unique, contemporary and oriented to Christian Service.

SEAS makes a commitment to your child in their academic, emotional, spiritual and physical development. We provide the enduring values of concern, compassion, safety and love of learning.

SEAS serves your child with care for their whole being: mind, body, and spirit, and this is reflected in the timeless tradition of value based education.

Located at: 814 Superior Ave., Sheboygan, WI 53081

Phone (920) 452-1571   (920) 452-1571     

Fax: (920) 208-4371